Vitamins that help fight depression

Depression is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans. I read not too long ago that anti-depressants are among the most widely prescribed pills in the country. But many people are turning to natural alternatives. In this article, I will discuss some ways you can fight depression using vitamins and other natural supplements.

Based on my research and personal experience, here are the supplements you should take a look at if you want to kick the blues:

nutrition1. Vitamin D
Called the “sunshine vitamin,” many Americans lack this essential vitamin. The easiest way to get Vitamin D is by being exposed to more sunlight. A good alternative is to take 1000 IU of Vitamin D3, which is readily available at supermarkets.

2. St. John’s Wort
Many people have had success treating mild depression with this herb, so it’s one of the first ones you should try if you are feeling a bit melancholy.

3. Fish Oil
Some studies have shown that getting a large quantity of fish oil can improve mood quite a bit. You have two options: You can simply eat fish that is high in omega 3’s such as salmon and sardines, or you can get a high quality fish oil supplement.

4. SAM-E
This supplement can be very effective for depression as well. You might have difficulty finding it at a local grocery store, but SAM-E is widely available from online vitamin shops. A good store to check out for supplements like this is pureformulas. Make sure you grab a coupon for pureformulas from vitamins and supplements sites.

You can also try more traditional ways to tackle depression, such as exercise or therapy. Therapy, however can get costly so it might not be financially feasible for everyone. With the Affordable Care Act, however, many mental health therapies (including psychotherapy) is covered to some extent, so it may be worth checking with your insurer.